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Links for Standard 9 -- Music in History and Culture
This web site is a great page for music education resources including a section of music history with some links.
This site offers many different songs from around the world.
This web site is a collection of folk tunes.
This is an article written by Deborah Kay Jeter about music of the world. It has many links for educators dealing with multicultural music.
This web page gives you different ways to incorporate multicultural teaching into your everyday lesson plans.
This site has music history information on it.
This site has a great music history link.
This web site offers a program to purchase that helps kids learn to play instruments from different countries and it also provides music for those instruments. It gives a little bit of historical background as well.
This web site sells accessories, recordings, and books from the US and around the world, and they specialize in rare and exotic music.
International Society for Music Education homepage.
Music History 102 -- A guide to the history of Western music.
Border Music -- music cultures of the U.S. border territories.
Search for and purchase multi-cultural music online.

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