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Links for Standard 8 -- The Arts and Other Disciplines
This site focuses on arts integration with hands-on activities. It has ideas for integrating music, theatre, dance, and art among each other and other disciplines.
This site gives a few examples in different subjects where music could be incorporated.
This site offers a lesson plan for integrating art with music for 4th or 5th graders.
At this site there are lesson plans and curriculum ideas as to how to incorporate other subject areas into your own music curriculum/content area.
This site has lesson plans and activities for lessons that combine music and other subjects.
This page discusses how music education was integrated into the schools in Boston. It specifically refers to the Boston Music Education Collaborative formed in 1993.
The Discussion Program of Literature and Music is an innovative new teaching concept for language arts teachers which increases students' understanding and appreciation of literature and music through study and discussion of source material in both disciplines. The program promotes the ability to confidently utilize music as a teaching tool regardless of prior knowledge in music.
The World Music Home Page.
Educational Games.
This is a program for kids when learning music. It is an interactive program in which the kids can participate and learn music as well as literature in a fairy tale format.
This is a program that integrates different curricula into music settings.
K-12 Resources for Music Educators.
A commercial site with materials for the innovative classroom.
A commercial site with information about music and brain research.

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