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Links for Standard 7 -- Evaluating
This web site gives an extensive list and view of the levels of elementary choral music out for view.
List of songs of the month from Orchard Hill Elementary School.  All are  American Folk Songs.
This site talks about the elementary music program at Pine Tree Elementary School.  It talks about what the different grade levels are working on and what kinds of plays the students perform.
This site is about a trip to Brazilian Elementary Schools.  It has a story  flashback to the California School Superintendent wondering why the arts,  especially singing and dancing, were less than prevalent.
This web site includes singing in the classroom for children.  One also finds  materials for the elementary classroom.
This site is the home of the National Association of the Teachers of Singing,  an organization that promotes excellence in vocal education.
This site describes how one teacher sets up her class for the year including  what they sing, when, what they’ll play, what they’ll learn, etc.
This article is about how the importance of the types of voices has changed  through time and how many different ways it is used for expression.
The web site has links to folk music sites, Early Music Resources, vocal (a  Cappella and accompanied) as well as to other various sites.
This article talks about all the different things you can include in vocal  coaching when advising your students in a choir.
This text uses essential components of the elementary classroom music program by using a "hands on" approach for creating, listening, moving,  playing instruments, reading, and singing.
This web site offers a description of implementation of national standards.
Dushka Todorova, who writes songs, stories, and musicals, would be ideal for  the classroom, particularly Kindergarten and first grade.
The site consists of links to every grade level.  The links have lesson plans and   ideas to help when teaching.
This web site lists and briefly describes books on voice training.
It is encouraging the introduction of music at a very young age; from infants and newborns to young children.  It recommends using Musikgarten and Music Learning for Newborn and Young Children, by Edwin E. Gordon.
This web site is about the musical possibilities at Fairbrook Elementary School.   They emphasize musical fundamentals.  In the intermediate grades more  complex skills and music history.
I would use this site as a resource of materials and information beyond which  is given in the textbook(s).  It is a great place to find new music and possibly  for use as a teaching tool. 9568468-163461
This web site is summary of a book called Teaching Kids to Sing, by Kenneth H. Phillips.  This book covers History of Vocal training, developing young vocal voices, how to present material, and adolescent voice change.  It also includes 90 methods for teachers to develop choirs.  This book can be used for grades 1-12.

Lists sources and materials for elementary classroom music, benefits of music  study for children, theory for children, and includes a song index, and a live  chat.
Presentation/description of program to teach young children
Gives tips on how to get the most out of ‘non-singing’ voices.

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