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Links for Standard 6 -- Listening and Describing
Explanatory site of how to best use the listening aspect of music to the best advantage
How to teach children songs via listening to either teacher or recording
Here one finds the manner in which to evaluate music and explain, using appropriate musical terminology, their personal preferences for specific musical works and styles.
This site deals with research by Frank A. Russo and Lola L. Cuddy regarding a listener's ability to discern a single musical line from within a polyphonic setting.
How we hear, what can damage our ear. Includes a list of decibel levels that can be tolerated.
It contained current information on a new method that is a system of sound stimulation and audio-vocal training designed to improve the function of the ear.  With links to other pages about sensory development.
The main reason for this is so the students can have more music time.  This also gives the students time to settle down and the teachers time to do their attendance.
A guide to teaching music in elementary school with a focus on the Kodaly system.  The system involves listening and gives the teacher great ideas for suitable listening material.

Has many sites that allow you to teach different musical styles.  This will help students identify through listening in the future.
It is a bibliographic database listing of journal articles related to music and music education.
It discusses the connection between infants listening to classical music and advanced brain development.  It consists of 21 pieces by Bach and changes them on the opposite side in various ways so children will learn to listen.
This website is about the musical activities for an elementary school.  It shows how they move through and cover the musical standards in five weeks.
Designed as a resource for finding appropriate listening material.  Material is classified by musical elements, composers, genres, learning strategies, and grade level.
Takes you through different levels (preschool, elementary, junior high, secondary education) of listening techniques and teaching musical strategies.
This article stresses the importance of music listening.  Certain benefits come out of listening to music.  This site goes through a description of brain anatomy and also tells the viewer how to train students to listen correctly.
Guide for listening lessons for the classroom.

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