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Links for Standard 5 -- Music Literacy
A complete step by step description of the Kodaly method for teaching music literacy.
Under the Isonville Elementary homepage, click on charts of music to view page.  This then shows musical examples and explains various elements of musical notation and concepts.  It also provides activities to help students learn these concepts. and
These websites use intervals as a part of continued musical training in the area of sight-reading.
This site is about a British based Kodaly academy.  They offer summer courses based on the Kodaly method.
The Kodaly Method I:  Comprehensive Music Education
Provides a step by step method approach to teaching grades 1-6 with songs from the  Kodaly method.
A variety of seminars and workshops for schools and organizations are offered through Music notes, Inc.
Promotes a publication by Music Notes call "Music You Can Read" which is a curriculum geared towards general music teachers.  It emphasizes symbol recognition to all languages and presents a symbol system as well as a number system for reading music.
Gives plenty of activities to help teachers help students learn how to read and notate music.
It is basically a list of various sources of information on the Methods of Jaques Palcroze Kodaly and Orff.  Sublistings include sources on the teaching method of Carl Orff and others.
It is designed to incorporate the computer into the classroom.  It can be used to help teachers plan lesson, can teach song to class by rote, and even has notation for every song to help kids read music.
This website is a general website for information about the history, life and philosophy of Zoltan Kodaly.
Website for the Kodaly Organization of New York.  It provides links to further  resources in reading music, specifically by way of the Kodaly method.
This page deals with counting, sight singing and reading music.  It also shows symbols and forms in which to teach (patterns).
This site contains many special links about music such as music bookstores, bulletin board activities, music games, etc.  What was especially good in this article was the Kodaly method excerpt.
Explanation of Kodaly philosophy and beginning of music literacy
A hands on webpage which is for students as well as teachers.  Includes activities, "activity room", and information for teachers "publications", "software", etc.

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