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Links for Standard 2 -- Instruments

     Tells the history Carl Orff and Studio 49.  It has several Orff links.

     (Jacob Belk)

    This site sells a book for teaching in the Orff-Schulwerk approach to teaching.  It shows
    the table of contents and what the book covers.

    (Phillip Cadenhead)

    Musical Beginnings breaks child development into several levels.  At these levels, children
    play simple instruments and express their growing musical sensitivities.

    (Chris Cuellar)

    This is the site of the American Orff-Schulwerk Association.  This organization is based on
    the promotion of the educational music methodology of Carl Orff.

    (Brian Edwards)

    This web site serves as a source for finding information on all kinds of instruments, being
    able to order them, and find music to sing or play.  This would be excellent when you
    actually go to teach in the elementary classroom.

    (Becky Gideon)

    A brief history on Carl Orff with links to pages about his music products, books, and

    (Geoffrey Grice)

    A sequential guide to teaching music to children grades K-6 using the Orff-Schulwerk
    approach, this text presents an overview of how to teach the elements of music rhythm,
    melody, timbre, and movement.

    (Mindy Hebert)

     A fairly complete site focusing mainly on Orff.  Decent links section.  Good server!

     (Chris Horgan)

    American Orff-Schulwerk Association web site that promotes the Orff system of learning and
    teaching music.  The Orff melody instruments include wooden xylophones and metal glocken-
    spiels.  Schulwerk is learning music through being active and creative.  Carl Orff and Gunild
    Keetman came up with the Schulwerk model

     (Andrea Koonce)

     Has different links to the reviews; articles and materials about Orff.

     (Vaughn Luquette)

    This is one of several great lessons provided by MENC through the Charlie Horse Music
    Pizza television program.

    (Cathy McManus)

    It is about the teaching strategies of Carl Orff.  It states that some of the Orff melody
    instruments include wooden xylophones and metal glockenspiels.

    (Kristen Parker)

    This web site features instruments used in music classrooms.  Manufactures and distributes
    Orff instruments.

    (Jim Peacock)

    Lists the national standards as links to corresponding sites and information. It lists everything
    from violin to recorder information.

    (Walker Peerson)

     This is a web site to purchase music instruments for you classes in elementary music.

     (Brandon Robichaux)

    The site is the home page of the American Orff-Schulwerk Association.  It gives a great
    deal of information on Orff and his work.

    (Maurica Roland)

    This site is a guide just about anyone to learn more about instrumental education.  It is a site
    of useful links and sites pertaining to instrumental education.

    (Jeff Vaughan)

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